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Solvet-based epoxy floor paint 2C

Solvet-based epoxy floor paint 2C
Solvet-based epoxy floor paint 2C

Floor paint that achieves a great film hardness and high chemical resistance (acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, oils, etc.) due to the action of the hardener (catalyst), especially suitable for indoor floors requiring high mechanical strength and have a  high traffic. It is sold together with the catalyst. For best results this product, substrate moisture content must be less than 8% and should not be applied at temperatures below 7o C. We recommend consult the data sheet.

Certificates: With antiskid Slip resistance test according to UNE-EN 1436:2009+A1

Formats: 4 Liters (3,25+0,75) - 16 Liters (13+3)

Solvet-based epoxy floor paint 2C videos

Colors: Oxide red, Gray , Yellow, Green and White
RAL and specials colors: price available on request

Glossy finish

Performance by layer: 9-13m²/liter depending on the surface 

Drying: 4-6 hours depending on surface and ambient conditions

Repaint: 6-24 hours

Dilutions: epoxi solvent

%: 30 - 40 1st capa, 15 - 25 2nd capa.

Applications: brush, roller, spray gun

Cleaning: solvent

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