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Lewalltec silicate

Lewalltec silicate
Facades Lewalltec silicate. Exterior

Mineral coating for protection and decoration of facades. It presents as a main feature the hardening process (petrification), during which there is a strong mineral and insoluble cohesion, between the painting and the substrate. Use as
a diluent Lepanto Silica-First

Formats: 0,750 Liters (only white) - 4 Liters - 15 Liters


Matte finish

Performance by layer: 7 - 11 m²/litro/ depending on the surface 

Drying: 30-40 minutes depending on surface and ambient conditions

Repaint: 6 to 7 hours

%: 10 - 20 1st layer, 5 to 10 2nd layer

Dilutions: Silica - Primer

Applications: brush, roller, spray gun

Cleaning: Water 


Do not apply with temperatures below 5-6 ° C. Support for paint should be clean of dust, grease, oil and paint residues shabby ... On surfaces in poor condition clean and remove previous layers and use our primerSILICA-PRIMER (diluted 1: 1 with water).

· There shall be applied on plastic paint, tempera, alkyd enamels, etc ...
· Not compatible mixing with any type of paint.
· To apply on plaster must always be primed with SILICA-PRIMER (diluted 1: 1 with water).

· It should be noted that different application and drying conditions can lead to variations in the final color, so you should pay special attention to dark colors and take special care with the joints and rework. Try not to apply when the sun directly on the support.
· Mix well before application.

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