Terms of sale

1. General Clause

The completion of an order PAINTS LEPANTO, S.A., or acceptance of merchandise it imply endorsement of these general conditions of sale, which will only prevail on the particular conditions individually agreed between PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. and Buyer. Should be served by S.L. Products Alfaro Ruiz replaces Paintings Lepanto S.A. and Binéfar Zaragoza.

The particular conditions agreed to a request not bind specifically PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. for future orders.


2. Contract formation

Except as expressly stated in each offer, they will have a validity period of thirty (30) calendar days from that in which they were communicated to the buyer. After these days not bind PAINTS LEPANTO, S.A.


3. Products

PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. can change or delete at any time and without notice, any reference to its product or modify the characteristics thereof, always guaranteeing the quality of its products and respect the regulations.


The two-component products always serve with catalyst, and in no case separately.


4. Prices


PINTURAS LEPANTO prices, S.A are expressed in euros and be considered EXW / Binéfar (Incoterms 2010 ICC Paris). They include the cost of packaging but exclude any taxes.


Price changes will be notified by PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. the buyer at least fifteen (15) days prior to its entry into force, except for solvents whose prices can change without notice.


Each price list overrides earlier from the printed date of entry into force. The applicable rate will be the prevailing at the date of the order, except in cases of orders placed after PINTURAS LEPANTO communication, S.A. the existence of a new rate, in which case the applicable rate shall apply on the date of delivery of the order.


5. Payment


Thirty (30) days from the date of invoice, unless specific agreements contained in the special conditions.


Unless otherwise agreed, invoices shall be deemed payable at the home of PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. and in the currency indicated therein. The fact that negotiable bills and receipts may be delivered or express payment is supported by our representative upon receipt issued by PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A., be considered mere easily, without representing cancellation of the condition indicated.


Costs and expenses incurred by PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. collecting payments for unattended at the time, they will be reimbursed by the Purchaser. interests increased eight (8) percentage points above the statutory rate of interest shall apply where the debtor is required to pay from the due date of the invoice, based on the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent operation main financing.


The client expressly authorizes PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. to submit to payment receipts to pay from the account to be indicated by the client, related services / works PINTURAS LEPANTO hired, S.A. The customer agrees to refer PAINTS LEPANTO, S.A. the debit authorization with data from the financial institution and account number, duly completed and signed.


6. Ordering

Orders are transmitted to PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. by phone, fax (must be signed by a person authorized by the buyer), email and even by the buyer himself in the offices of PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. and / or commercial thereof.

Orders placed by the buyer concerning special colors must be made by fax and / or email and must be signed by a person authorized by the buyer, and not be construed firm until confirmation by PAINTS LEPANTO, S.A.


7. Minimum Orders colors or special products


Orders for special products (non-standard or no stock) determined at all times by PINTURAS LEPANTO, SA, such as colors according to sample or reference, as well as nail and industrial primers not existing colors in its corresponding letter-sample, are subject to minimum orders be given in each case PINTURAS LEPANTO, SA

Corresponding to these minimum order quantity manufactured can vary by 10% taking the buyer the amount resulting from manufacturing.


8. Delivery


The delivery of orders placed PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. They shall be determined in each case depending on circumstances such as the stock level, the transport route, the manufacture of special products, fulfilling previous obligations by the buyer, vacations and holidays PAINTS LEPANTO, S.A., etc.


9. Transport

It will be made until the establishment of buyer PINTURAS LEPANTO own, S.A. if existing orders from the usual places such transportation routes. The carrier will not deliver orders in places other than the establishment of the buyer. The postage shall be deemed paid when the order exceeds the amount of four hundred (400 €). In case of pasta tempera it will be negotiated individually.

Shipments by transport agency, PAINTINGS LEPANTO, S.A. will choose the means of transport and its cost will be negotiated case by case between PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. and the buyer. In these cases the products always travel at risk of the buyer, who is responsible for transport out the insurance claim with the carrier and any eventuality produced during the same timely.

If the customer chooses another different transport agency selected by Paintings Lepanto customer will be charged the difference in cost.


10. Containers and packaging


The buyer is obliged to return the carrier PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. packaging (pallets, trays ...) of the goods. Otherwise, you will be charged the cost of packaging.


PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. is an associate through Ecoembalajes Spain, S.A. an Integrated Management System (SIG) of waste of packaging used, with the number 02538, as evidenced by the inclusion of Green Point on their packaging. In accordance with Article 18.1 of Royal Decree 782/1998, of April 30, approving the regulations for the development and execution of Law 11/1997 of 24 April, approving and packaging packaging waste, responsible for the delivery of packaging waste or used for proper environmental management package, will be the final holder.


11. Receipt of the goods


When the buyer has ordered, it is obliged to receiving the goods and to pay the entire bill on the agreed conditions, unable to cancel the order without the written agreement of PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A.


PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. reserves the right to change the deadlines, and modify or cancel orders, without incurring a right to compensation for the buyer, when are objective or force majeure circumstances, which will inform the buyer as soon as they occur or has knowledge of them.


The buyer will review the request to download the means of transport and shall indicate in the delivery note any defect or failure observed, communicating PAINTS LEPANTO, S.A. without delay, any claim attributable to it. PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. will not accept claims elapsed twenty-four (24) hours after delivery.


12. Returns

PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. will not accept product returns for reasons not attributable to him.

In no case accept PAINTS LEPANTO, S.A. product returns within three (3) months from the date of delivery.

No product returns will be accepted in non-standard colors manufactured specifically for the buyer.




13. Guarantee

PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. ensures compliance of its products with the specifications indicated in their respective Technical Data Sheets. Advice on their application and use are part of the policy PAINTINGS Customer LEPANTO, S.A., it may not be used as a basis for claims against it.

During the warranty period, PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. may, at its option, replace defective products free or discount the price paid by the Purchaser in the invoice for the next order made by it.

This warranty covers only the cost of the defective product and does not cover, in any case, transportation thereof or the labor required for its implementation.

Important: Before preparing or apply our paintings, carefully read the application instructions on the package and the product literature you can read in www.pinturaslepanto.com.


14. Disclaimer


Buyer should check the order product is suitable to the use or application to which it is intended and ensure that it is used in the conditions indicated by PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. If in doubt, consult the technical service PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A.

PINTURAS LEPANTO not be liable, S.A. damage or defects in products resulting from their use other than those included in their product data sheets, which are available on www.pinturaslepanto.com conditions.

PINTURAS LEPANTO not be liable, S.A. if Buyer mix their products with components manufactured by third parties. Most particularly, solvent paints only be diluted with solvents sold by PAINTS LEPANTO, S.A.

PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. It is not responsible for the adverse effects of storage or handling of products, unless they are handled in accordance with the specific recommendations of PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A.



15. Retention of title 


PINTURAS LEPANTO, S.A. will retain ownership of the products sold until the buyer has paid the full agreed price and may exercise the third party with domain and other legal actions in defense of their rights.


16. Applicable law and submission to jurisdiction


This purchase agreement is subject to Spanish law.


If in doubt, dispute or controversy arising from the interpretation or execution of this contract, the parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply, they agree to submit to arbitration, either Cooperative Painters of Barcelona (COPIBA), or Laboratory Joaquín Riera well Tuebols, SA (OTEC-RIERA), at the purchaser accepting PAINTS LEPANTO, S.A. beforehand the choice made by it.


The entity providing the arbitration shall appoint an arbitrator who will decide in equity on the merits. The parties agree in advance to abide by the arbitration award falls.


The part whose claims resulting dismissed pay all costs of arbitration.


17.Law on Data Protection

According to the Organic Law on Data Protection (15/1999 of 13 December), we inform you that your data will be part of a file property of PINTURAS LEPANTO S.A. necessary for the provision of the services agreed with the company. the use of their data is also consents to facilitate commercial information about the products offered by PINTURAS LEPANTO S.A.

It is also informed about the possibility you have of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding their personal data under the terms established by law, request to the following address:. Carretera San Esteban, s / n 22500 Binéfar (Huesca). Your data will not be disclosed to third parties, except in cases where the law expressly permitted or required.