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Swimminpool paint

Swimminpool paint
Swimminpool paint. Specials paints

Painting for the protection and decoration of pools. Resistant to the action of ultraviolet rays. It penetrates and adheres well to concrete, providing a durable finishing.

Formats: 0,750 Liters - 4 Liters - 16 Liters


colores pintura piscinas

Colors: Blue, white, black (only 0,75 l. and 1 l.) and blue ducado.

Acabado: satinado

Rendimiento por capa: 6 - 7 m²/ litro / capa según superficie

Secado: 4 - 6 horas

Repintado: 12 horas

Dilución: Disolvente universal o D-X


Aplicación: brocha, rodillo, pistola

Limpieza utensilios: Disolvente


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