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Options in Siloxpan
Options in Siloxpan

Siloxpan, siloxane based paint. It is suitable for the protection and decoration of any type of facades, especially those which are exposed to harsh and humid environmental conditions, as well as to UV radiations. It can be applied on any type of surface: concrete, bricks, stone, fibre cement, tiles, plastic paint, etc.

It is notable for its waterproof qualities, good adherence and UV rays resistance.



Formats: 4 Liters - 15 Liters

Pictures in Siloxpan

Ask for available colours  in the Tintometric System.

Finish: Matt

Performance by layer: 8-12 m²/liter depending on surface 

Drying: 45 minutes

Repaint: 6  hours

Dilutions: Water

%: 10-12% 1st coat / 5% 2nd coat

Applications: Brush, roller, spray gun

Cleaning: Water

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