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EcoTrends 1st Edition

EcoTrends 1st Edition
EcoTrends 1st Edition

Pinturas Lepanto launches its EcoTrends 1st Edition, a range of 10 versatile colors that set the trends in decoration. Clients will be able to choose the best color combination for any room.

Color jewels. The new Pinturas Lepanto's EcoTrends chart is a symbolic selection of colors that remember the beautiful and energetic gemstones.

High quality plastic paint formulated with acrylic-vinyl copolymers without solvents. Due to its properties and absence of odor is ideal for decorating in schools, hospitals, food industries and all types of decoration.

Interior Ecologic





Certificates: European ecological label (register number ES-AR-044/001). Washability higher than 10.000 cycles. UNE 48.243 for type II paints. Classification UNE EN 13.300 Class 2 Test VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) according to ISO 16000-6: 2006. A + Class.

Fire classification of materials: Reaction to fireM-1. UNE 23.727-90

Formats: 0,750 liters (Gris Iolita, Esmeralda, Turmalina, Zircón, Aguamarina, Espinela, Ópalo Verde, Alabastro, Cuarzo Ahumado, Topacio); 2,5 liters (Gris Iolita, Esmeralda, Turmalina, Zircón); 4 liters (Aguamarina, Espinela, Ópalo Verde, Alabastro, Cuarzo Ahumado, Topacio); 15 liters (all colours)


EcoTrends 1st Edition colors

Finishing: Matte

Performance by layer: 7,8 m2 / l / coat depending on surface 

Drying: 30 minutes

Repaint: 3 to 4 hours

Dilutions: Water

%: 10 - 20 1st hand 5 - 10 2nd hand

Applications: brush, roller, spray gun

Cleaning: Water 





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